6 Facts About Sand Everyone Thinks Are True

6 Facts About Sand Everyone Thinks Are True

Answering Questions over Wedding Sand Ceremonies and How the Tradition Works

If at all you are planning a wedding ceremony at the beach and are wondering if at all the beach has got anything to offer as to the significance of the wedding, then you need to know that there is indeed a lot that the sand at the beach has to do with the unity you will be declaring as a couple. The Wedding Unity Sand ceremonies actually happen to be a sure way to express and capture the significance of the two lives of a couple that they will be bringing together and will create a sure keepsake that you will have as a couple that will last your lifetime. For years the union has been symbolized by the use of the lighting of candles. In such cases, the two families, that of the bride and that of the groom would light each separate candles as a representation of their separate lives and families. Then the couple would then use the two lit candles to light a bigger candle which symbolized the joining of their families as one.

With the use of the Wedding Sand Ceremonies, vials of sand are used to do the whole unity to be captured in the entire ceremony and the coming together of the two lives and families. The vials of sand often stand in the place of the two lives that are coming together in the matrimonial ties. What will then follow the exchange of the wedding rings is to have the couple come together and pour the sand content in their separate vials into a common glassware after the officiating minister will have explained the significance of the Unity Ceremony. The flowing of the different colored sand granules into one and forming one common beautiful mix of sand will truly get to symbolize the newly formed and intertwined union of the couple. Let us see the significance of the sand and not any other material.

Without a doubt, sand has quite a number of attributes that come with it that make it a perfect icon to stand for the depiction of love and unity. Number one is the fact that the sand granules are naturally beyond count and are as timeless thus they get to be a perfect show of the couples love for themselves. Second thing is the fact that as the sand granules from either jar get to mix into the common jar, they just get to lose their individual identity and are just indistinguishable and as such demonstrate the coming together of the two lives in a permanence in love that will last for as long as their lives are.

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