A Guide to Effectively Controlling Mosquitoes

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Mosquitoes, those pesky, little insects that enjoy the warm summer weather in our homes are actually giants when it comes to diseases they spread and deaths they cause annually. Therefore, effective mosquito control is one of the first steps towards enjoying your indoor or outdoor activities especially during the summer when they are bothersome.

Why the Sustained Nuisance to Humans?

There is an almost magnetic attraction between mosquitoes and humans, whether indoors or outdoors. Mosquitoes’ proboscises seem eternally trained for the uncovered human skins, always probing for a soft patch to pierce. This predator-prey relationship between mosquitoes and man is driven by our sweet, which releases an odor that attracts them. Some mosquitoes are also drawn by the heat and carbon dioxide from our bodies and the colors of clothes we are wearing.

However, in most cases we unwittingly invite mosquitoes to our backyards through leaving stagnant waters in various places. For mosquitoes, having stagnant water to breed in and humans close by for fresh blood is being twice lucky. Water can stagnate in fish ponds, pet dishes and drainage ditches among others. This provides a good breeding ground for mosquitoes, which lay their eggs on water while their larvae feed on microorganisms found in water.

How to Rid Your Property of Pesky Mosquitoes

The levels of mosquito infestation notwithstanding, there are fundamental mosquito control solutions that are effective for both long and short term purposes.

a. Removing stagnant water: Without water accumulating around and within your compound, mosquitoes will find your home less appealing as they will no place to breed. Therefore, turnover all containers and items, which can potentially hold water within and around your compound.

b. Removing mosquito hiding places: Mowing your lawn, gardening and removing leaves and wood clippings are important in ensuring that mosquitoes have as fewer places to hide in your compound as possible. Without any place to hide, mosquitoes will find your compound less appealing or become food for predators.

c. Use larvacide: In case you have containerized pools or other water points that you cannot drain without losing their functionality, it is advisable to apply larvacide in such areas. This will prevent mosquito larvae from maturing into the nuisance-causing adults.

d. Use pesticides/insecticides: These can be used as both mosquito killers and repellants. They are especially effective in cases of heavy infestation. They have chemicals that kill mosquitoes immediately and can be applied in a wide variety of ways both indoors and outdoors including as a fog or mist.

e. Hiring a mosquito control professional: Whether individuals or companies, these professionals have the knowledge, experience and training to tackle the mosquito menace in your compound.

In conclusion, effective mosquito control is continuous process. Sometimes it calls for a combination of methods to attain success. Moreover, finding high quality chemicals and mosquito control professionals can go a long way in securing your home from mosquitoes.