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Plaster mesh is like a skeleton for your walls

Plaster mesh is like a skeleton for your walls, reinforcing them and giving the plaster something to adhere to. Certain types of mesh can also withstand heavy loads, making it the ideal material when you’re renovating exterior plasterwork and intricate facades. Plaster mesh can also be used in a wide range of applications, including levelling floors and waterproofing. Mesh is also useful for creating a neat and tidy edge when you’re working around door and window frames and in the junction between the walls and the floor and ceiling.

What Is Plaster Mesh?

Plaster mesh is a fine web that can be manufactured from plastic or metal. Galvanised steel mesh is ideal for use outdoors, whereas a plastic or fibreglass mesh is most suitable for indoor applications. Chicken wire can be used as a plastering mesh if the weave is fine enough, and it is an excellent all-round product.

Different types of mesh will have different types of properties, so always buy from a trusted supplier with a range of options such as plasterers1stopshop mesh.

Best for Interior Walls: Fibreglass

This type of mesh comes in a variety of densities and is usually treated for improved resistance to tearing. Fibreglass mesh has the advantage of being reliable, long-lasting and durable and is suitable for use with quick-drying and finishing mixtures. The heavier the level of reinforcement you require, the denser the mesh you’ll need to apply, though for most internal applications 110 to 160 g/sq.m is more than adequate. … Read More