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Expansive lawns can look incredible

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Expansive lawns can look incredible, but keeping up with the mowing needed to keep them groomed and looking velvety can be a lot of hard work. While many think you need to have a vast acreage to justify a ride-on mower, even in small gardens mowing can be demanding work, particularly in summer when it is warm and you want the lawns to look their best for picnics and barbecues. Ride-on mowers are available in a range of sizes to suit different requirement and can make the chore of lawn grooming more pleasant and also deliver impeccably impressive results.

Models to Suit All Gardens

When looking at buying a ride-on mower, one thing to do before you start is to measure the narrowest part of the garden or path to the garden. Then you can check the width of the mower is narrow enough for it to fit through these areas. Compact mower models are available for those who want the convenience of a drivable mower but have some tricky spots to navigate with restricted space. The smaller mowers are designed to slip through gates of different widths.

For hilly grounds, you might want a mower with a larger two-cylinder engine that can handle steeper gradients. If your estate spreads out over five acres or more, it could be worth getting a lawn tractor, which will have more features and cover more area in a circuit. If you want to find out more about the ride-on … Read More

Applying for planning permission can be a daunting prospect for the uninitiated


Applying for planning permission can be a daunting prospect for the uninitiated. The first hurdle is to know when you need to apply. For example, a development such as a loft conversion generally doesn’t need planning permission provided that the plans adhere to certain conditions. If any of those conditions are exceeded in the proposed plans, then a planning application needs to be drawn up for approval before going ahead. All planning applications need to meet certain standards before they will even be considered.

Failed Applications

Planning applications are submitted so that they can be scrutinised to make sure that the proposed development does not negatively affect its surrounding area. The considerations include design, safety, privacy, environmental factors, noise or other disturbances. Before they can be reviewed by the local authority’s planning application department, the applications need to have communicated the existing and proposed developments clearly and accurately, with all the necessary environmental research completed.

While some planning applications do get rejected because of the negative impact, some of the most common reasons for rejection are often something as simple as an out-of-date map, the wrong scale or the map not pointing north. Planning applications aren’t cheap, and once it’s rejected, you have to pay again for reapply.

The Right Plans

The type and scale of your project will have an effect on the kind of documents you will need, but generally, the planning department will be looking for a Site Location Plan, depicting the area in which the … Read More