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Make Your Deck a Beautiful Extension of Your Home’s Interior

Increase the living space in your house by adding a beautiful deck, attached to the back or side of your house. It will have the most impact if it is built in a style similar to the architecture and/or interior design of your home. Here are a few ideas to incorporate into your deck. Be sure to personalize them for maximum beauty and impact.

  • For a dramatic entrance from your yard onto your deck and vice versa, consider installing stairs that begin at the corner of your deck and radiate out along both sides of the corner. These are often called cascading stairs, wrap-around stringer stairs, or just plain wrap-around stairs.
  • It’s literally two sets of stairs connected by a mitered corner. Often made of stone or concrete as an entrance to a public building, homeowners have them made of wood to match or coordinate with the deck.
  • An added benefit is they can be used for extra seating, especially for children. Kids seem to love sitting and playing on this type of stairway.
  • Add a vertical element to your deck in the form of an open, airy garden structure such as a trellis, arbor or pergola. Often used interchangeably, a trellis or arbor is merely a horizontal topper fastened to posts. A pergola is more of a “room” as it usually has some type of structure to it that is suggestive of walls that are there but not there. Think walls made of lattice.
  • A garden structure fastened
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