Expansive lawns can look incredible

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Expansive lawns can look incredible, but keeping up with the mowing needed to keep them groomed and looking velvety can be a lot of hard work. While many think you need to have a vast acreage to justify a ride-on mower, even in small gardens mowing can be demanding work, particularly in summer when it is warm and you want the lawns to look their best for picnics and barbecues. Ride-on mowers are available in a range of sizes to suit different requirement and can make the chore of lawn grooming more pleasant and also deliver impeccably impressive results.

Models to Suit All Gardens

When looking at buying a ride-on mower, one thing to do before you start is to measure the narrowest part of the garden or path to the garden. Then you can check the width of the mower is narrow enough for it to fit through these areas. Compact mower models are available for those who want the convenience of a drivable mower but have some tricky spots to navigate with restricted space. The smaller mowers are designed to slip through gates of different widths.

For hilly grounds, you might want a mower with a larger two-cylinder engine that can handle steeper gradients. If your estate spreads out over five acres or more, it could be worth getting a lawn tractor, which will have more features and cover more area in a circuit. If you want to find out more about the ride-on mower options available, it would be a good idea to consult experts in the field, such as https://www.mowers-online.co.uk/mountfield-ride-on-mower, who can help with tips and advice.

Groom Your Grounds in Comfort

The ride-on mowers of today benefit from innovations in technology and manufacturing that make them efficient and easy to use while producing a highly professional finish. They have evolved to take advantage of many developments and can include an ergonomic layout, clear logical controls and durable moving parts that will give you many years of faultless service. Precision steering means modern ride-on mowers can easily navigate every crevice of your garden for a smooth result.

Effortless Clippings Management

Apart from being simple to operate, modern ride-on mowers give enthusiastic gardeners different options for dealing with grass clippings. Clippings can be collected in a box at the rear of the mower, or with what is called side discharge the clippings are pumped out to the side to land in neat rows. A popular choice is to get a mulch plug for the mower. This plug minces – or mulches – the clippings extremely finely, and the result is distributed over the mowed lawn to nourish it, keep the earth moist and boost the lawn’s continued growth. The mulch almost disappears, but nutrients in the mulch are valuable.

A mulch plug is included with many mowers, and they are easy to fit. Ride-on mowers also come equipped with controls to adjust the height of your lawn and many safety features, such as a switch that disables the cutting blades if there is no one in the driving seat. With this feature, if a driver is unseated, the mower will simply stop.

A ride-on mower can be an incredibly valuable tool for the gardener, delivering professional performance and convenience in one easy-to-operate package. Sample the advantages of a ride on mower, and it will be the tool you turn to for a beautiful lawn.