6 Simple Ways to Maximize Efficiency in Your Home Office Space

6 Simple Ways to Maximize Efficiency in Your Home Office Space

Even though employees and many business owners today prefer to work remotely, working from home has its challenges. Especially if your space is small, it can be hard to stay organized and find a spot that can be dedicated to your work. Here are six simple ways to setup and maximize efficiency in your home office.

  1. Claim a space. If you haven’t done so already, find the perfect spot to set up your home office. Is there anywhere in your home that can be yours alone and ready for work whenever you are? If you are someone who needs quiet and no distractions to get things done, is there a place where that can happen? Carve out a location for a small desk that is for work and work alone.
  2. Personalize your space. You want to feel as comfortable as possible in your new space, so personalize it. Make sure the home office furniture – desk and chair – you choose is right for your height and style. If you like to have plenty of light, make sure you place your desk near a window or buy a good lamp. Use art and other décor to make it bright and vibrant.
  3. Establish work hours. One of the biggest challenges of working at home is distractions. To truly maximize your work hours, you have to set work hours. Some people prefer the “typical” schedule of 8 to 5, but others are more efficient if they work from 9 to 3. Unless you have a parent company dictating your availability, you should set whatever hours work best for you.
  4. Take Breaks. It can be just as hard to take breaks as it is to establish work hours. For some, it’s hard to walk away from a project. Generally, we are most productive for just an hour at a time. To keep your motivation high, break your work up into hour long blocks when possible. Take just a few minutes to move around, and then sit back down and keep checking off tasks.
  5. Use online calendars. The great thing about technology is that you can sync information from anywhere. Make a special calendar you can use when working from home. Then sync it with your regular office computer and other devices to make sure you are always up to date on meetings, phone calls, projects and any number of items.
  6. Choose the right furniture. Making sure you have the right home office furniture is critical. If you work mainly on the computer, you can get away with a smaller desk surface. However, if you deal with a lot of paperwork, you will want a larger surface. Do you struggle with lower back pain? A standing desk will keep your back feeling healthier, along with many other health benefits.

If you need help with space planning, consider partnering with our team at Trader Boys. We have 70 years of experience in home office furniture, and specialize in helping customers create a comfortable, productive office space.

Author Bio: Melissa Rayner is the owner of Trader Boys, family owned since 1949 where you will find quality modern office furniture in Los Angeles. She’s a sucker for a good romance and gets giddy anytime there’s kissing, much to the embarrassment of her three children.

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