How to Protect Yourself & Enjoy at Outdoor Area in Hot Summer.

How to Protect Yourself & Enjoy at Outdoor Area in Hot Summer.

Creating a variety of angles in outdoor areas such as a gazebo or pergola that can protect us from the sun.

Adding an outdoor shelter around the house, such as gardens, parks, car parking or play ground is certainly valid. This outdoor shelter area can be a place for refreshing after a whole day’s saturation in the house. However, there is one thing that often prevents us from doing activities outside the home, one of which is because we do not want to be in the sun.

Sunlight contains ultraviolet rays, which can be harmful to the skin. Not surprisingly, most of us are lazy to spend a long time in the sun. But, is this justified?

Shade or shelter

The right solution to keep doing activities in the outdoor area without fear of being stung by the sun Outdoor activities are important to maintain freshness and health of mind. If fear of being exposed to direct sunlight is something that blocks your intention to do outdoor activities, the solution is to build shades. Shelters that are built in outdoor areas can help us banish sunlight so that it doesn’t directly hit the skin. Not only for the skin, but the shades can also protect your products that are placed at your outdoor area like your sitting furniture, you cars/vehicles, these shades provide protection from harsh UV sun rays to your car and other products.

As currently I am living in Dubai UAE where the weather condition remains hot in maximum time of the year so installation of outdoor shades is very important as here in Dubai temperature is above 45 Degree in all summers so installation of swimming pool shades, Garden and outdoor sitting area shades and car parking shade in Dubai is very important, it helps to enjoy at outdoor area like dining with family and friends or enjoying in swimming pool these outdoor shades helps us to enjoy out door area also these shades protect car that are park in front of our company or villa.

From the heat of the sun, which can cause damage to your vehicle, that is, you can make a Car Parking Shade to protect your vehicle. With this shelter, we can still go outdoors and enjoy the surrounding scenery without fear of being exposed to sunlight.

Types of Outdoor Shades

And do you know that there are various types of shade, from simple to complex? The following will display some shade ideas that can be used as corners to shelter in the outdoor area.

Want to make natural shade? Lush tree land

Trees are one of the easiest ways to bring shade in an outdoor area. Trees with lush leaves and stems that are not too high can provide shelter for those of us who want to do outdoor activities. The existence of these trees not only provides shelter, but also helps provide fresh air through the oxygen produced.

Awnings, shade which is an extension of the house

Awnings are shelter made with very simple construction, namely in the form of a canvas stretched using metal frames, and usually fused or attached to the roof of the house and became one of the intensification structures of the building.

Trellis, pergola or arbor

The three types of shades above are shade with a more complete structure. Usually, these three structures are created by applying latticework. To make it more calm, vines are usually chosen that are easy to grow and have very leafy leaves. In addition to using vines, you can also build a roof like an ordinary roof. Trellis, pergola, or arbor not only provides an angle to shelter in the outdoor area, but also adds to the attractiveness of the outdoor area itself and can be used as a vocal point and you can use this to beautify the atmosphere in your swimming pool. For example you can see pool shade in Dubai as a refresher display of pool area.

Car Parking Shades:

Buying vehicle is quite expensive thing, protecting your big investment you should have to protect it from all weather conditions like Rain, Sand and Dust, Hot Sun Harsh UV rays, etc. all this is possible if you install car park shade at your company front or house front. These car park shades protect your car from all weather and maintain its interior and exterior parts.


Outdoor Shades Patio is a shade with a simple structure. The patio is a shade with an umbrella-shaped roof and underneath there is a round table and several chairs. One patio can cover 3 to 4 people.

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