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How to Choose the Right Ladder for Your Dock

How to Choose the Right Ladder for Your Dock

If you are lucky enough to have a waterfront home with your own dock, you have no doubt spent time wondering if it is easily accessible for all who enjoy it. If you are in the market for a new ladder (and even if you aren’t yet), here are some tips for choosing the perfect one.

Understand How Your Dock is Designed

It is impossible to choose the right ladder for your dock without understanding at least a little bit about how your dock is designed. Familiarize yourself with the depth of the water, the water type (salt, brackish, etc.), and the size of the dock before you even begin your search for a ladder. If your dock is used for many activities such as launching boats and kayaks, swimming, and fishing, then consider a removable dock ladder that won’t be in the way when it isn’t needed.

Choose the Right Materials 

It is also important that you choose the right materials for your dock. Heavy-duty metals like stainless steel and marine-grade aluminum don’t rust, so they are perfect for a ladder that is stationary and spends most of its time submerged. Also consider adding some grips to the steps, as anything that spends the majority of its time underwater is likely to be slippery.

Keep It Simple

Choose something that is easy to use by everyone enjoying your waterfront. Consider adding handles and making the ladder wider so that no one has any trouble pulling themselves out of the water. If the water is shallow, steps are another great option, as long as you keep them maintained so no one steps on anything unpleasant or slips.

Picking the best ladder for your dock can be daunting. If you follow these simple tips, all of your loved ones can enjoy your waterfront with no trouble.… Read More..