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The Basics of Ornamental Fences

The Basics of Ornamental Fences

One of the longstanding categories of fencing is the ornamental fence. It is typically thought of as adding style, elegance and visual appeal to a fenced in area than a more common utilitarian fence.

Ornamental fencing in America dates back to the 18th century and has a rich history of adding sophistication to a property. If you are considering fencing contractors columbus ohio for the installation of a fence, you should be aware of the basics of ornamental fencing as an option available to you.

Iron vs. Aluminum

Ornamental fences are typically made from either iron or aluminum. Iron has been used for centuries in ornamental fence design, whereas aluminum has started being used for the same purpose over the past fifty years or so. Of course, iron is the heavier of the two metals and is subject to rusting, but it is steeped in tradition. Aluminum, meanwhile, is lighter and therefore easier to install, while also being lower in maintenance compared to iron.

Traditional vs. Modern

Regardless of which metal you choose, ornamental fences range from the traditional designs oftentimes found around older historic buildings to a more modern look with contemporary qualities. In addition, ornamental fences can be constructed in a number of colors that cover the spectrum from traditional shades to more contemporary hues. In short, you can find an ornamental fence to complement whatever type of building architecture you are trying to match.

Style Options

There are many customized style options for an ornamental fence. These include the addition of rings, scrolls or other designs that can be installed between the pickets of the fence, while a wide variety of finials are available to accentuate post caps and adorn the tops of the pickets.

If you are interested in adding an air of prestige to your property, an ornamental fence may be just what you are looking for.
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