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How To Make Your Move Less Stressful

How To Make Your Move Less Stressful

Moving certainly can be stressful due to the large nature of the project. If you’re planning a move and need to know the best way to tackle the job, read on for some helpful tips to make your move less stressful.

A Moving Company is a Must

Most individuals think hiring a moving company is too expensive. Fortunately, there are professional packers and movers St Louis MO that offer affordable rates to fit any budget. You don’t have to be wealthy to hire a good company to help you move. Some moving companies even offer discounts to select groups such as senior citizens, repeat customers and veterans. Be sure to ask about discounts before paying full price. Hiring a company to help you move will definitely make your life easier.

Make Use of Existing Items for Packing

Most homeowners fail to recognize that they have a lot of items that need to be packed that can double as packaging supplies. Pack your glassware, plates, etc. in clothing such as shirts, towels and blankets. You can also use clean socks as padding between breakable items. In addition to using clothing and other items as packaging supplies, consider using hampers, laundry baskets and other suitcases and large pieces as boxes. You’ll save money on boxes and move your belongings at the same time.

Label, Number and Color-Code Your Boxes

A great way to keep everything organized during a move is to label, number and color-code your boxes. This may seem like overkill but if you’re hiring a moving company it can be helpful to have your boxes clearly labeled, colored and numbered. For example, the movers will easily see that all blue tape boxes go in the kitchen and all red tape boxes go in the master bedroom. Make a personal note of how many boxes you have for each room so that you can ensure all your boxes arrive.

Make your next moving experience less stressful by employing a moving company, using existing items as boxes and organizing and labeling your boxes.… Read More..