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How To Deal With Pests

How To Deal With Pests

Summer is the time for beaches, barbeques and pool parties under the sun. But it also comes with pesky things like pests and mosquitoes. If you’re noticing pests around your home, read on for a few tips on how to control them. Experts such as pest control cape coral can help you deal with any infestations you may have, from bed bugs to termites. 

Bed Bugs

If you wake up to find small, tiny bites on your body, you may need to check for bed bugs. Check your bedsheets for any small blood spots. They can be found in sheets or mattress seams, among other furniture. Without proper pest control, the infestation can become dangerous. Keep in mind that bed bugs can produce as many as five eggs per day, so act quick if you suspect you have a problem. 


Summer times can also bring in trails of ants into your home, especially if you live in warmer climates such as Florida. However, there are ways to prevent them. To prevent ants, make sure to keep your home free of juice spills and food crumbs. Keep your home clutter- and debris-free. 

Also you need to realize there are different types of ants: carpenter ants, ghost ants and pharaoh ants, which are the most difficult to remove. Pharaoh ants, red or yellow in color, can outlast traditional pest control methods, so you will likely need to call a professional. 


Roaches typically like bathrooms and kitchens. One cockroach can indicate you have a roach problem in your home. Because roaches hide during the day, by the time you see one roach, it might mean there’s already an infestation. Keep in mind that cockroaches require water in order to survive. They are typically attracted to areas that are prone to water and moisture. So keeping your home dry and reducing humidity will be a key prevention method.

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