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Making a Home Wood Shop Comfortable

Making a Home Wood Shop Comfortable

Garage woodshops provide the DIY woodworker a convenient space to work. Spending time in a garage workshop can either be a joy or a pain, depending on how comfortable it is.  Three simple improvements can make a home garage a comfortable place to work.


An insulated garage will allow woodworking to take place during all seasons. Insulated garage doors are made of durable materials that are filled with spray foam insulation Maryland. These doors help to keep the heat in and the cold out during the winter and the cold in and the heat out during the summer. Spray insulation foam can also be injected into existing walls to further insulate the space.  If there is an attic, insulation can be blown in or laid between the ceiling trusses. 


Once a garage workshop is insulated, the next step is to add a heating source for the winter and a cooling unit for the summer. There are a number of heaters available. Depending on the size of the space, a small oil or space heater may be all that is needed. If a larger heat source is needed and there is space available, a wall or ceiling mounted unit can be installed to better heat the space. For the hot summer months, portable air conditioners or more permanent coolers can be installed and vented through a window or an outside wall.

Vacuum System

Another shop device that improves safety and comfort is a vacuum or dust collection system. These systems come in all sizes and shapes, from shop vacs to larger permanent installed systems. They can be hooked up to the shop cutting, planing, and sanding equipment and help to reduce the amount of sawdust in the shop. 

A home garage is a great addition for the do-it-yourselfer.  Without an excessive amount of cost, the home shop can be made to also be more comfortable.… Read More..