The Uses Of Compressed Air

The Uses Of Compressed Air

Compressed air can be found in many places in our lives from industrial machinery to the appliances in our homes. It is as important as the electricity and gas that is sent into your home. Where are some of these places where you can use compressed air? Here are a few examples.

Pneumatic Machines

Compressed air is a vital ingredient of pneumatic machinery. To make the equipment work to the best of its ability, it is important to have someone like gauge the pressure the compressor. If this is missed, it can damage or destroy the equipment. The pressurized air is forced through various parts to make them move and work. Many machines including trains and cars operate by this technology.

Under the Sea

Scuba divers use compressed air to breathe underwater as they dive deeper. They strap small tanks to themselves. The air is pushed through a tube to the mask the diver wears. They still have fresh oxygen the deeper they go.

Vortex Tubes

Compressed air can be used to cool or heat things using vortex tubes. The tubes part the air into hot or cold streams with the cold getting as low as -50 degrees Celsius and the hot getting as warm as 200 degrees Celsius. These cold types of tubes can be used to refrigerate things. However, the vortex tube is typically used to chill off cutting machinery so that the tool works efficiently.

Blasting It Away

Compressed air propels sand or other materials out during sandblasting, causing an abrasive stream to shoot out at a high velocity. This process smooths surfaces of paints and other substances that might be flaking or peeling off so that the object can be repainted. Items such as metal or glass beads, sand and even walnut shells can be used in this application to clear off whatever needs to be refinished.

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