The Ultimate Guide to Homes

The Ultimate Guide to Homes

Why You Should Sell Your House for Cash

Picture how much easier it would be to sell your house for cash instead of hassle with a banks, lenders or mortgage firms. How much more money can you happily keep to yourself if you could expedite the transaction and avoid the delays that come with the usual loan process?

Guaranteed Sale

Selling a house the traditional way does not happen at once: it is a process that involves a number of steps. You let strangers into your home, answer their never-ending questions, and hopefully come to a price that is agreeable to both sides. In short, you put in some work until you finally close the deal with someone who appears to be your perfect buyer. And then their loan application is rejected. Suddenly, they realize that they can’t afford your home. You’re in a bind. To avoid this completely, go for a cash deal. When it comes to a cash purchase, credit and loan qualifications are immediately irrelevant. Sometimes, a buyer will simply change his mind after finding a property that he likes more. Hence, selling your house for cash is a foolproof way to avoid those frustrating deals falling apart at the last minute.

Timing the Sale

It usually takes 4-7 weeks to close a deal with financing, and that is quite fast! Closing a deal often takes 4-7 with financing, and that’s already fast! With financing, you can expect to close a deal within 4-7 weeks, and that’s already quick! There are times when the process takes much longer. On the other hand, a cash deal can be completed in only 4-7 days. A big advantage of selling for cash is that it lets you avoid the long process of credit checking, underwriting, and the rest. With cash payment, the transaction is naturally quicker and hassle-free. Above all, you can adjust the timing of the sale based on your own schedule. You don’t have to worry about the sale falling apart or when the bank will grant the buyer’s loan.

No Renovation

When the buyer requires financing, the bank has to ensure that the house is worth the money they lend. They have to see to it that that they can get their money back in case the property is foreclosed and they have to sell it. Thus, you have to get an appraisal, which is both expensive and time-consuming. When selling a house for cash, however, the buyer will simply assess your property and then pay you for it – forget appraisers!

Considering the above, you might think it wise to sell your house for cash instead going through the long traditional process. The secret is understanding the benefits involved.

Understanding Properties

Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Sales? This May Help

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